the challenges to change

3:32 AM

well, what its like to change? I'll say.. it will be the biggest challenges you have ever faced.
To change into someone faithful and to be a better person need lots of strength not only from the inner you but also from the people around you.

I've always come across to the thought of being someone better but its hard even harder when you're working. and the environment in which you're working. well... I think I need to try harder.. shouldnt I?

Alhamdulillah.. tanpa sedar.. I've been working as a nurse for 6 months already at KPJ ampang puteri and alhamdulillah again that i've loved my job till the end! the past few months... I've faced lots of life and love issues and almost got me into trouble... suicide maybe? yea.. suicide... I never want to tell the fault in my love issue coz it will end up me "buka aib org" so I better not.  But anyway... I hope for the better life in the upcomingsss.

I didnt expect much but I hope myself to be filled with Iman so I can be strong when facing any challenges and for myself to get closer to Allah. Ive always blame myself for failing my love issue because I realize I wasnt putting Allah as number one and I've always think of my ex all the time. I've left Allah all alone and eventually didnt know how Allah missed me and gave me such challenges to made me realize how I've forgotten Allah all these time. Thank you Allah.


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