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Today I was a assign as Triage nurse. Whats that??!!
Triage nurse is someone who stays in front of emergency as a front liner to first examined patient and classified them into their priority. less urgent and most urgent.. thts a triage, ^_^

so Today a patient came.. well, looking innocent and humble... its a girl.. in her 20s. she came in complaining of what her problem is in english and trust me, her english is so england.. maybe? I mean to say.. she speak english well and doesnt sound malay at all.. So normally, I'll talk to patient to ease their anxiety.. having a chit chat while examined the patient.

so here it goes,
me: where are you from sweetie?
her: I'm just from kelantan.. I'm Malay
me: lahhhh.. awat x habaq.. kemain ckp english.. x reti BM ka?

LOL.. and she laughed...
so here's the problem most of our people face.. tak kesah la ko belajar luar negara ke.. your parents came from that of high class people ke.... but the fact that you are Malay and dont speak malay made me sad seriously. I used to live oversea and studied there from 3rd grade until high school and Ive seen how malay people over there speak.... Macam lupa daratan... macam depa lupa bahasa ibunda.. semua pakat speaking... even the parents talk with them in english. Come on... you can teach your children in a way that they dont need to totally buang bahasa ibunda.. so sad!!


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