a week in oncology Dare Care HUKM: Avoid Cancer!

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Alhamdulillah.. its been a week I've posted at an oncology Day care HUKM and yeap.. I've learn a lot of things. Not only I learn the knowledge but I've learn how I should take care of myself in the future from getting a cancer. Everyday, I see people coming in with a stage 3 and 4 cancer, having difficulties in breathing, low self esteem, long face all the way and yes MANY! I should say, everyday from 7.30 to 8, Oncology day care will be full of people suffered from cancer. No range of age... pity...

Beside heritage, or family history, cancer can also caused by poor life style or place of work. I use to think that obese people would get effected by cancer easily due to unhealthy diet but I was wrong; patient that came in.. none of them are diabetic.. NONE! they were all at an average weight. One of the most reason I get from patients are occupation, poor life style (such as: less exercise, smoking, habits eating very hot meals etc). Chinese people, most of them, have these habit of eating their meals when it's hot (not warm). This can cause probably NPC (Nasal Pharyngeal Cancer). This NPC includes Nose which will eventually spread to tongue, neck and lymph nodes.

Normally, people that came in with a stage 3 cancer just got diagnosed a few months back. This shows how fast the cancer cell grow and spread. I was once asked a patient with a stage 4 cancer on the duration of her cancer until today and she said it started 2 months back with only a very small lump and now, its already spread to other organs (this is called metastasis). with ONLY 2 MONTHS, the cancer cell can invade other organ bring it to stage 4 (palliative). It scares me everyday when I see these people coming in.. It scares me and I feel pity.

My advice for women or teenager age 20 and above, regularly do BSE (Breast Self examination) once a month or once every after menses. This helps to determine any abnormality of the breast and also an early detection for cancer. people usually think that cancer cannot be cure but it's actually wrong! Cancer CAN BE CURE if it's detected earlier. But most of the people here kept on having a denial when experiencing any changes in breast or else where.. denying of suspecting cancer. In result, came to hospital having a stage 3 or 4 cancer.

Other thing, mind what you eat.. do not eat lots of barbecue (because BBQ contains charcoal which will activate cancer cell in our body, to balance them, eat lemons *EAT!*, Onions or cucumber. This will reduce the chances of cancer). Do not eat food that are hot.. burning hot... especially soups (people usually likes to eat soups while its hot.. AVOID IT!). Foods that contains fat can also cause cancer.. especially chicken skin! (cause I know how young people loves eating friend chicken skin.. DONT BE TOOO FRIENDLY WITH THIS CANCER CELL!)

Occupation can also be the risk factor for cancer. such as working a t petroleum, factories that involve chemical fluids, radiation and so on. These chemicals can stick to our cells and activate the cancer cells. Not only one who's working but also family member living with the individuals working in such occupation. This is because, clothes they wear, has lots of chemicals left over and infected other family members!

Finally, be ALERT in any changes you feel or see on your body. Be confident and alert! get help and treatment as soon as possible to get the best result in the future and be as healthy as we people should be!

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