The DUFF (luahan hati)

6:10 PM

Have u heard of a movie called THE DUFF? Its a nice movie that makes a person like me realise what position i am within the community. DUFF stands for the Definite Ugly Fat Friend. Well, the duff doesnt always have to be fat or ugly but the duff is someone who is among the loser within her/his friends. Its like the "ugly" among the beauties.

today, i felt the same way.. I treated her as my best friend. And i trusted her.. Feel comfort when i'm with her.. But i realise.. Sepanjang berkawan ngn die.. She never appreciate or praise the goodness in me. All i get is "kondem" and all.
yes.. I am a type of person yang selalu lupa.. Clumsy.. Careless.. Not perfect.. Selalu kene perlu ngn dia.. But when i do good.. She never sees it. She only see the negative of me. Whenever i forgot something.. She would say " hmm.. Muneerah.. Mg mcm tuu" with the annoying sound.. I'm always ok with it.. Cause its me. But today.. She forgot to bring something.. And i said, "mcmana leh ttingal.. Tikar je pun".. And she was like" elehhhh..die tuu.. ".. I dont know why but i felt offended by her words.

selama kawan ngan die.. She's always the perfectionist.. Her negative is always thrown away by her grandiose words. While me.. I'm always the bad girl..
selagi hayat di kandung badan.. I will just have to bear with it.. Kalau tegur.. Aq yg dipersalahkn jgk akhirnya.. So just bear with it..
Allah hear you.. He understand you.. Be patient muneerah. 😊

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