Elective course: Emergency, Trauma and Disaster Nursing

12:43 AM

As I posted earlier on how pissed off I am with my pointer and how anxious I am turning into 4th year Nursing an now here I am talking about my elective course.

What's elective course?? Coming to year 4 is not as easy as anyone could say.. As a nursing student.. we are dealing with Final Year Project (FYP) as in research, Elective course, OSCE (some sort of practical exam that only Nursing student understand), Professional exam (HELL NO.. they got 3 examiners from outside Malaysia) and lastly we have the most important exam called LJN (its where you are certified as registered Nurse and get the body number.. without it.. You can't work ANYWHERE). hard huh?? IT IS!! 

Anyway.. so elective is basically when I have to choose in what course I would like to specialized in.. before, we took all the courses.. but now we have to choose ONE elective course. AND surprisingly, I chose Emergency, Trauma and disaster. Well.. I like stuff that are challenging.. and something new to me. So I think this course is quiet interesting.. more to that, I get to post in BASF Petronas Chemicals Sdn Bhd.. HELLOOOO.. Nurses pun ad keje kt industrial OKEYYY... And this is amazing.. mana taknya.. you get to work other than hospitals.. You even get to join major drills... Awesomeeeee ahabq hangg!! On the other hand.. the posting starts in October and I was chosen to be post in Chiang Mai Thailand in October as well~!!! HUaaaa!! for the sake of elective course and "so-hard-to-get" posting in BASF petronas.. I have to let go CHINAANNNGGG MAIIII!! byeeeee.... (bru plan nk cr jodoh kt sane.. hahah).. patut kene let go chiang mai.. niat dh jauh terpesung.. Astaghfirullah~ :P.

Anyway.. InsyaaAllah.. everything planned has something good in the future insyaaAllah. Just believe that Allah will never let me down and always gets the best out of the best~! 

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