Atkins Diet Week 2

11:09 PM

Alhamdulillah, I started my Atkins diet on 18th August and its almost 2 weeks now that I'm on it. Atkins diet is basically a low carbs diet.. its not a NO CARBS diet.. but a LOW CARBS diet.

According to articles I've read through many internet resources.. Atkins can control your body weight faster.. making them into ideal and healthy. It helps in weight loss and also reducing fats in your body. 2 weeks ago, I hired a coach.. He's Malay and have lost about more than 20kg and now he's looking smart and fancy. He taught me many rules in dealing with Atkins diet and for the 1st phase, I'll have to begin with low carbs diet (About less than or equal to 20g carbs per day). Meaning.. I've to go through it.. having meals with only 20g carbs... not more than that. I will also have to drink about 2 liter of plain water.. in which It's hard for me.. But I can go on with 1 liter... but never pass 2 liter. I will try as much as can..

As for now.. I've lost 1kg within 2 weeks... its a slow process since I've cheated a number of times. =P. Staying home with families isn't easy for a weigh lost. I'll tell you guys..1 cup of rice porridge has about 11.5g of carbs. so just it one cup of porridge a day.. enough.

Starting this week, I've started to think how to make my progress faster.. so I decided to do some exercise.. every afternoon, I would do 60 jumping jack, 20sec of wall sit, 20 spot cycling and several arm and hip exercise. so far, I didn't see any changes.. still maintaining my overweight.. but I will post the progress time by time.. and I want myself to see the transformation through my post.


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