FYP stand for Final Year project

12:34 PM

Naik gila pikir FYP ni..  I started earlier than everyone else cause my Supervisor holds a grant project and get us involved. It was a great experience but I had to learn the step upside sown unlike everyone else since I've started earlier. Despite of being stressed out and messed up.. I'm very much thankful for having her as my SV. She taught us well and never make us stressed out. Slalu je happy and make jokes out of the blue.

Today, I had to sleep late.. its around 3.30 am now and I've just completed half of my Research proposal correction. While whatssapp-ing with my SV at 3.30am.. We talked about our plans and what need to be done (She's quiet awesome!! mana ad lect. nak berwhatsapp tgh2 malam.. ye dakk??).. Then in the mids of our conversation.. She compliments my work... Saying I'm doing great.. And told me stop doing what ever I'm doing.. go sleep and continue tomorrow..~!

I was like!! WOW! She's acting like my mama! and even got compliments.. I guess I should be sleeping well tonight... Alhamdulillah~

It's just a beginning.. a lot coming ahead.. I have to be ready!!

Its one of my wishlists.. trip to London~!! If oly I'm RICH.. :(

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